5 Reasons You Should Choose Verified®

In response to the vape crisis, cannabis and CBD operators across the supply chain must do their due diligence with sourcing all raw materials that ultimately go into a product used by consumers. By taking due diligence to the next level we can advance consumer safety and confidence in vape consumption.

As volumes of evidence has shown, the vape crisis originated out of dangerous additives added to vape carts sold in the illicit market.

While this news traveled across the globe, consumers and businesses have likewise taken note and legal vape sales have since been on the rise, both in the US and Canada.

Consumers are returning to vaping as a preferred method of consumption and signs of the vape crisis are clearly fading. Companies like Verified® are playing a critical role in this resurgence and will play a key role in shaping healthier vaping choices for consumers long into the future.

Operators across the supply chain are in unique positions to deliver safe, reliable products to their customers. Here are five reasons why Verified® should be at the top of your list:

  1. Safety and Reliability – Verified® puts consumer safety above profit. We put our products through extensive testing and R & D, demonstrated by our resounding results in our Certificates of Analysis. Our tamper proof products ensure product integrity, while our 0.005% failure rate sets an unprecedented industry standard. In other words, out of 2,000 carts that goes through rigorous testing, only 1 fails. And to stand behind our commitment to quality, we offer a full batch replacement policy for any failure rate above 0.005%. As further protection, we also offer a 3rd party liability insurance wrapper on Verified® products for extractors, distributors and brands.
  1. Cost & Scale – While safety and reliability remain our top priority, keeping the cost of our product cost-effective for our partners across the supply chain is important to us. Our hardware is up to 30% less expensive to comparable vape manufacturers. Those cost savings are transferred by the brands we work with to the customers you serve. While keeping costs down, we also offer scalable capacity with low MOQ and fast turnaround for brand customizations
  1. Quality Assurance – Our team, consisting of certified ISO Management Consultants, Auditors and Engineers, ensure our products are designed and engineered using the highest industry standards. Our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities that meet GMP standards. Additionally, we have a full-time on-site auditor to monitor input and output quality of all materials and finished product. To ensure national and global alignment with vape hardware compliance standards, we have engineered our hardware to exceed standards for heavy metals testing. We maintain consistency in these standards by also controlling our own supply chain components including the raw materials for the cartridges.
  1. Industry Leadership– our team is not only concerned about the advancement of our product line, but we also care about advancing safe vaping policies that protect consumers. We are a socially responsible company. This is why our team regularly contributes to news outlets to share industry perspectives on sensible policy development and consumer safety regulations that allow for the rise in healthy vape choices. Additionally, our team is currently leading an industry led task force in collaboration with government leaders with the aim of advancing safe vaping policies and industry innovations that advance consumer safety.
  1. Verified® as a global and trusted brand for the reason mentioned above, Verified® is in a great position to help win back consumer confidence and contribute to the rise of healthy vape choices. We are gaining widespread trust and we believe this will translate to the massive growth of the vape industry and ultimately help you drum up more vape sales and production across the supply chain. And given how much we have invested in the safety and reliability of our Verified® product, we trust that these customers will return over and over.

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