A Look Into Cannabis Packaging

Product packaging plays an integral role in successfully positioning your company within its ideal market. Great product that delivers a homogeneous experience while coupled with attractive packaging can attract and retain consumers.

However, with marijuana legalization and the onslaught of rules and regulations provided by Health Canada - there is an additional number of guidelines to consider. These guidelines state that your packaging must prevent contamination, be tamper-proof, contain an excise stamp that the federal government provides and lastly, perhaps most importantly, be child-resistant. (Review the Cannabis industry guidelines and requirements here.)

When it comes to marijuana packaging, compliance should be the #1 goal followed by consumer experience.

Selecting packaging that highlights your brand and its story is difficult enough as-is. Add to this all the containers, bags, jars and tubes that must comply with regulations, and you’ve found yourself in a cannabis packaging abyss.

So with this in mind, we have compiled a list of things to consider when selecting a cannabis packaging partner to work with to help guide you along the way:

What to look for in a cannabis packaging partner:

Work with a company that is familiar with the cannabis industry, understands both your business and the investment you’re making towards your packaging.

- Avoid liability - ensure the company you select is committed to your success. This means they are ahead of compliance issues that may come up now and in the future.

- Consider asking for a tour of their facility - ensure that your products are being handled in a clean environment that is both climate and humidity controlled.

- Utilize references where necessary and seek packaging companies that have built a solid portfolio.

- Along with reliability and best pricing, ensure they can provide a quick turn around to meet your needs.

Right packaging for the product

When it comes to selecting the right packaging for your cannabis product - do not compromise. Compliance, safety, branding and product preservation are all factors to consider when selecting a packaging solution.

- Ensure packaging works with the plant’s respiration.

- Environment & storage - It’s important for a cultivator to know where the product is at in terms of relative humidity, along with how each season affects their product and its storing times. Without this knowledge, your product could suffer significantly.


It should go without saying that safely transporting the product is equally important.

- Invest in packaging that protects the integrity of your product.

- Additional factors that should come into consideration for transport: length of the trip, humidity and temperature of the area it is travelling, and whether the packaging is able to withstand these conditions.

Packaging Costs

Depending on how much product is being cultivated it can be difficult to determine the dollar value in terms of a percentage of your net revenue. Consider these while planning your budget:

- Think of your product packagings future-self: Don’t use inferior packaging as a way to save money. You will ultimately pay more for the damages that poor packaging causes.

- Planning too far ahead may also be challenging as you could potentially waste money on packaging when new regulations come into effect.

Everything matters

Ultimately, everything your brand communicates to its consumers, from the marketing materials to the branding, should be fully taken into consideration:

- Tell a story - if you as a cultivator have a story to tell you have to speak to it through your packaging and branding.

- Effective packaging makes it easy for the consumers to understand who you are, and why you are relevant to their life.

- Consumer experience - create packaging that has a positive connection with customers.

Hopefully, these tips can help guide you on the right path to selecting a cannabis packaging partner to work with. 

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