What does the future hold for biodegradable cannabis packaging?

Happy Earth Day!

Since legalization in Canada, cannabis buyers have complained about the environmentally unfriendly and bulky packaging used to hold product. 

Packaging has to be child-resistant, tamper-evident and a solid uniform colour, with the red THC symbol and yellow health warning, along with the THC/CBD content, weight, packaging date and number of units/doses. 

The government isn't likely to ease up on these packaging restrictions any time soon. 

As we know, the majority of plastics do not biodegrade so they stick around for thousands, if not millions, of years. Microplastics (plastic particles) have not only contaminated our shorelines, but have polluted absolutely everywhere, and will evidently become an environmental disaster in the coming decades. 

Ben Wu, a cannabis industry expert and consultant in California, believes the industry recently reached a critical point where its market demand is disdaining innovation. 

"The industry lacks financial resources, in order to do research, in order to spend money on testing new technologies, you need capital." He said. "In the states, cannabis companies cannot access federally-insured banks for loans or credit. While several companies have managed to scale into multi-million dollar enterprises, a lot struggle to break even." 

While the cannabis industry is a long ways from being sustainable, things are changing, although it will take some time. Many companies are investing in biodegradable cannabis packaging with the intention of cutting out waste and sustaining our planet. 

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