Happy National Pie Day!

This week we’re featuring Cherry Pie Terpenes for National Pie Day! 

This sweet delectable terpene smells and tastes exactly like cherry pie. 

Terpenes are described as naturally developed compounds that give cannabis the signature taste and smell it possesses.

Cannabis has been known to produce upwards of 200 terpenes, although every strain is genetically programmed with a few more domain ones.

The effects of this terpene happen almost instantly, while the effects can last hours, and will have you feeling elated, relaxed and full of giddiness.

Like other pungent cherry strains, such as the Red Cherry Berry strain, or the Cherry Pie Indica strain, this Cherry Pie strain is particularly pungent.

The cherry scent is especially aromatic when broken up by hand.

This terpene must be diluted before use for flavor and effect (1-5% x volume. For example: 2 drops per gm. Do not ingest prior to dilution.)

Do you have experience with this terpene?

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