Martha Stewart and Canopy Growth Corp: A Recipe for Success

By Laurel Kinnear

Martha Stewart, spoke at the World Cannabis Congress this week. She shared her ingredients for success: "My approach has always been make the best product at the best price and distribute it as widely as possible.”  Stewart, 77 acts in an advisory role to Canopy Growth Corp., providing her expertise of consumer products as they develop their hemp-derived and CBD product lines.

Canopy decided to enter the hemp-derived CBD products market following the passage of the U.S. Farm Bill, which legalized hemp production. The company has stated its intent to establish a ‘hemp industrial park’ in upstate New York. Canopy Growth is backed by a multi-billion-dollar investment from Constellation Brands (STZ), owner of Carona.

The company’s hemp-derived and CBD products will be developed for both humans and pets. "Martha Stewart Living has 35,000 recipes. Those can be adapted with the use of cannabis or CBD," she said. Stewart suggested that the cannabis industry continue to educate consumers by promoting research and dissemination, to address the pros and cons of the products.

“Inform and inspire” is one of the guru’s mantras. It’s one our team at Cannary live by, as we bring our clients’ cannabis products to market with innovative packaging and branding solutions.


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