Product Spotlight: CCELL Silo

This miniature yet conveniently portable Silo by CCELL is an extremely powerful vaporizer that delivers a next-level experience.

The Silo has no buttons or adjustments to make - simply pair it with any 510 threaded oil cartridge, insert and inhale! It features an adaptive optimum temperate setting for you to enjoy your favourite concentrates. 

2-4 seconds of inhalation is really all that's required as the draw activated system works to produce a super smooth draw.

The battery has also been designed with a cartridge observation opening which allows the user to view their cartridge levels without disconnecting the magnetic adapter.

It's also worth noting that powering the Silo can be accomplished with a micro USB, while the battery life indicator on the Silo features a stealth breathing LED. 

The CCELL Silo concentrate vaporizer is perfect for CCELL based atomizers. 

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