Product Spotlight: Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging

Understanding the rules and regulations that revolve around child-resistant packaging  is crucial for any business - especially within the cannabis industry.

It’s important to keep on top of current guidelines to prevent any disastrous situations from occurring that could potentially lead to a loss of customers or even a potential lawsuit against your business.

The world of child-resistant packaging has been completely altered after the legalization of recreational marijuana.

These days, users and enthusiasts are hauling their cannabis goods home in all types of child-resistant packaging including containers, slide-out sheaths, glass containers and locking exit bags with built-in zippers. 

(Because of this evolutionary shift, the need for pot-specific packaging has also pushed designers into focusing on innovative ways to stay compliant with their designs without sacrificing creativity.) 

The cannabis industry is also expanding into other markets such as edibles, topicals, and concentrates, ultimately leading the industry to even more packaging compliant requirements to fulfil. 

While it’s unclear as to what impact these products will have on packaging in the future, you can be sure there will be continual growth in all things marijuana-related as the industry will pursue innovative ways to make packaging both accessible and safe.

Our experts can help guide you through the continuously evolving child-resistant packaging laws, while also providing you with custom branding and marketing solutions to suit your business needs.

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