Product Spotlight: Pre-Rolled Cones - Cannacones

We love our new pre-rolled cones! 


Because cones are a terrific hassle-free way to smoke without having to roll. 

These Cannacones are made from 100% Hemp.

custom pre-rolled cones Custom Printed Pre-Roll Cones

Stand-out from the competition with a custom logo of your company printed on the filter.

Please Call our Customer Service at 1-844-897-3387 to discuss custom branding. 


We also have 3 other options available for you to choose from:

Pre-Rolled Cones 110mm Pre-Rolled Cones 110mm
Pre-Rolled Cones 83mm Pre-Rolled Cones 83mm
98mm Pre-Rolled Cones 98mm Pre-Rolled Cones
Let us know what you think of these new Cannacones in the comments below.
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