South Korea - First Country in the East Asian Nation to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

South Korea is at the forefront of legalization in the East Asian nation.

On November 25, 2018, the South Korean National Assembly approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

According to several news sources, the meeting to amend the Management of Narcotic Drugs Act was initially scheduled for the 15th of November - however, it was postponed due to the absence of the opposition party.  

Under the new legislation, non-hallucinogenic doses of medical cannabis have been approved. This will provide the ability to issue licenses for production, along with the sale and purchase of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In order for South Korean citizens to use cannabis, they first must obtain a subscription, before seeking approval from the Korean Orphan Drug Center, where applications are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

While the legalization is still in its infancy, this is a significant breakthrough for the global cannabis industry and could potentially pave the way for other countries to follow suit. 

Malaysia reportedly sought to become the first country in Asia to legalize medicinal cannabis but was beat out by South Korea, as their Ministry of Health is still sceptical on the medicinal value of cannabis. 

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