Summer... Time for Terpenes

By Laurel Kinnear

As summer heats up, who can resist savouring cannabis terpenes?

Sought after by marijuana enthusiasts, terpenes are organic compounds that provide the cannabis plant with its delicious aromas and flavours. These aromatic molecules interact with cannabinoids to create a distinct ‘personality’ that provides cannabis strains with their effects. It is the blend of the oils that produce diverse aromas; from spicy, earthy, or pine to fruity. The entourage effect refers to the synergy of the interaction between cannabis compounds. Essentially ‘the sum is greater than its parts’ holds true for these profound botanical blends.

Selecting a Terpene Blend
To the cannabis aficiçionado’s delight, there’s several delectable choices when it comes to the variety of cannabis species. Sativa cannabis plants tend to be tall and lean offering an exhilarating, stimulating experience. Their shorter, bushier counterparts, indica cannabis plants provide calming relaxation, even sedating effects. Their hardy and weedy cousin, Cannabis ruderalis is a wild, species known for ‘autoflowering’; flowering regardless of its light cycle. For this reason, it is sought after by breeders to create hybrids with other cannabis strains. Terpene flavours are categorized as sativa or indica according to their chemical compositions.

Clementime Terpene A Summertime Delight
For summertime, we recommend Clementine strain by Flow Scientific. Flow Sci’s strains use only natural plant terpenes, and 100% organic compounds. Clementine is a citrus, sativa blend that is perfect for creating an uplifting, energetic experience. It’s blend of lemon skunk and tangie genetics provides heightened awareness and focus with a stress-free chill vibe. The aroma is that of fresh sweet oranges. Perfect to enjoy during the hazy days of summer.

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