Welcome to Cannary!

Cannary is a Kelowna, BC based dynamic sales platform that provides products and services for both businesses  and consumers within the cannabis industry.

We aim to establish ourselves as the leading packaging and branding company within the emerging cannabis market.

We provide picks and shovels for the impending cannabis green rush, in the form of core branding and packaging for developing market leaders.

We believe, as is the case with all consumer goods, that core branding and intelligent packaging create standout products customers desire.
Our mission is to bring these proven concepts into the cannabis market, establishing successful brands that achieve
strong recognition and customer retention for our clients.

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Chonnie December 10, 2018

Hello, I’m new to all this packaging & internet sells of cannabis, so I’m just going to say this regardless of how ignorant I sound, lol. I’m looking for the cape refills or something to smoke through my vaporizer, I see that you have all these different things my question is are these THC or more CBD, which would be better to use ? I’m wanting the THC more then the CBD. Please someone tell me something, lol. Thanks

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