Why Does Smoking Pot Give You the Munchies?

Chances are if you’ve smoked pot in your lifetime, you’ve experienced the “marijuana munchies.”

You can blame the active ingredient in pot otherwise known as THC for your cravings.

While THC is the main culprit for giving people the high they experience while smoking pot, it’s also the reason for an increase in food cravings.

Gary Wenk, the director of neuroscience undergraduate programs at the Ohio State University and author of  “Your Brain on Food” explains that when THC enters the part of the brain that affects mood, it stimulates euphoria. “When THC reaches the area of the brain that influences appetite, it will “stimulate you to eat,” he explains.

A complex region of the brain, otherwise known as endocannabinoid, that is once stimulated by THC will influence the control of appetite and emotions.  

THC engages with receptors in the brain that regulate our emotions, pain and our sense of smell, and taste too. It also promotes the release of the hormone ghrelin which stimulates hunger.

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