60 Dram CR Pop Top Bottle - Multiple Colours Available - Qty 75

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These 60 Dram CR pop top bottles are the highest in quality for packaging containers.

The bottles meet ASTM and CPSC standards which means they are child-resistant certified.

Child resistant pop-tops are devised to keep medical and legal marijuana medication fresh due to their airtight and moisture resistant features.

The translucent quality makes them sunlight resistant to ensure the best storage qualities that a pop top bottle has to offer.

A squeeze-top bottle design and signature popping sound makes it easy to use and is well recognized with consumers.

Dispensaries and businesses all agree that these are cost-effective, child proof, and highly popular among dispensary packaging supplies.

- $0.63 CAD (Approx. $0.47 USD)
- 75 units per box
- Fits up to 14 grams
Size: 60 Dram
Color: Opaque Gold, Opaque White, Opaque Black, Opaque Silver, Opaque Aqua, Opaque Mango, Opaque Lime, Opaque Strawberry, Opaque Grape, Opaque Blueberry, Opaque Bubble Gum, Opaque Lemon, Red, Smoke, Purple, Amber, Pink, Clear, Green, Blue
- ASTM Approved
- CPSC Child-Resistant Certified

Note: each box contains 75 units of the same 1 colour bottles.