AVD® 1.0ML Glass Cartridge with Ceramic Flat Black Mouthpiece - Qty 100

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  • 100 AVD® Glass Cartridges
  • 100 Ceramic Flat Black Mouthpieces

AVD® 1.0ML Glass Cartridge:

AVD® glass 1.0ml cartridges are made of A-Grade quality materials that will make your vaping experience discreet and easier to use. 

We believe that plant-based concentrates require particular configurations for the ultimate user experience. 

Our knowledge and experience as growers and extractors has allowed us to provide exceptional products that are better than the classic vapor hardware company.

These products are designed in combination with our industry knowledge, proven technology that actually works, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing that allows use to provide you with the very best in vaping solutions. 

- Twist-on mouthpiece or snap-on locking mouthpiece
- Porous ceramic
- Ceramic coil not coated with glycerin
- No leakage
- Delivers intended flavour
- Less than 0.1% defect rate

- Resistance: 1.4 Ohm
- Size: 10.5 x 62.5mm 
- Tank Capacity: 1.0ml 
- Aperture: 2.0mm

Ceramic Flat White Mouthpiece:

CCELL® is a technology the consists of revolutionary ceramic heating elements optimized for high viscosity extracts. This ceramic technology makes vaping more effective by dragging the most flavor elements, while experiencing smoother hits. Pair this glass mouthpiece with any CCELL® glass cartridge base options (sold separately).

Additional Information

Material Ceramic
Dimensions 26.55mm (height) x 10.40mm (diameter)
Color Black
Quantity 100
Style CCELL® mouthpiece
Features Fits any AVD® glass cartridge base
Use With Concentrates (vape)