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This fresh, cooling terpene otherwise known as Beta Pinene, has a potent woodsy aroma scent. Beta Pinene, Bubba Kush, ChemDawg, and trainwreck are all known for their Beta Pinene content. 

Beta Pinene can actually be sourced from the resin of a variety of conifer, including pine. It may also be sourced from non-coniferous such as camphorweed and big sagebrush. Beta Pinene is recognized as a fundamental component of turpentine and it is also popular for flavoring and as a fragrance agent. Beta Pinene has potential to act as a mood stabilizer when used in conjunction with terpene linalool. The terpene is also known for its antimicrobial properties. 

I have pine allergies. Does this mean I will suffer an allergic reaction?

No one has reported any sensitivity to the alpha-pinene as of yet. 

From our understanding, there are 3 known types of pine allergies. Most pine allergies are a result of pollen that is mainly evident in the springtime, when male trees drop pollen or when the individual has a nut allergy. 

In saying that, there is a portion of the population that have been known to be specifically allergic to alpha/beta-pinene. We advise speaking with your doctor further should you suffer allergies. 

Through the distillation processour terpene oils are separated from any trace of pine nut or pollen. No allergic reaction is completely possible, however, and those with an allergy to pine should be able to use our Alpha Pinene when diluted after speaking with your doctor about pine oils. 

Type of Terpene: Monoterpene

CAS: 18172-67-3
Molecular Mass: 136.23 g/mol
Sources: Cumin, Hops, Maritime Pine, Clausena Anisata.
Storage: 2 – 8 C, proper ventilation, spark proof environment.
Relative Density: 0.866 g/mL at 25 C
Melting Point: -61 C
Boiling Point: 165 C
Flash Point: 36 C


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