FiftyShot 25.0ML Oil Cylinder

Product Code: FS-OIL-CYL

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The FiftyShot Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler is equipped with a 25ml Oil Cylinder. The simplest way to switch oil types is to switch out oil cylinders - the package allows you to do just that.


  • 1- New 25ml Oil Cylinder
  • 1- Heat Barrel O-Ring
  • 1- Luer Lock Cap 


As you refill the oil or change flavours, there may be a very thin film of oil that remains in the cylinder. The film is thin enough that most aren't concerned with it. However, if you would rather not have terpenes or flavours cross over, you can clean the barrel between changing flavours or simply by swapping barrels to clean later. 

Each oil cylinder comes with a new heat barrel o-ring.