FiftyShot Semi - Automatic Cartridge Filler

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The FiftyShot Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler has the ability to fill 100 (0.5ml) cartridges, disposable pens or syringes in a matter of minutes. With its dynamic annular heat barrel your oil will consistently be at the exact temperature you want and will never run the risk of burning caused by direct contact with a heating coil.

The FiftyShot state-of-the-art digital temperature control unit is built out of a strong and heat dissipating aluminum to give you years of trouble free use. the LED display is easily programmed and allows you to set the correct temperature you want from room temperature 194f. Data from the control unit is transmitted to the filler via a five foot flexible silicone cord that has been strengthened with fiberglass for strength. Both the power and data cords are portable for easy storage. 

The FiftyShot filler is constructed of a durable light-weight aluminum and is hand contoured to allow pain free high volume use. Desired cartridge volume is adjusted using an easy to read dial in 0.5ml increments from 0.5ml – 2.5ml. Oil is precision dosed via a stainless steel piston and drip free stainless steel luer-lock tip. The revolutionary heat barrel is constructed with hardened aluminum and provides a 3mm annular air space surrounding the oil. The air is evenly heated and prevents the oil from being overheated that can be caused by direct contact with a heating element.


FiftyShot Includes:

  • 1- Control Unit
  • 1- Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler (25ml)
  • 1- 25ml Oil Barrel 1/ Gasket
  • 1- Heat Barrel
  • 5- 14g, 15g, 16g, 17g, 18g One of each All Metal Luer Lock Fill Needle
  • 1- Luer Lock to Luer Lock coupler for syringe filling
  • 1- Luer Lock Cap
  • 1- Spare Viton Plunger Oring
  • 1- Instruction Manual
  • One Year Warranty


Precision Created Simple: Simple to read dial sets your volume in 0.5ml increments. The oil is disbursed with a slight (.125”) squeeze of the filler. Dosage is measured using a stainless steel piston with a no-drip stainless steel luer lock tip to deliver precision every time. 

Temperature Control: An advanced digital control unit allows you to set the exact desired oil temperature from room temperature to 194 with only a 1° margin of error. The revolutionary heat barrel is constructed with an annular air space encompassing the oil to reach and maintain temperature evenly and safely without burning the oil.

Protect Your Product: The FiftyShot is built to conserve your oil.

  • The advanced control unit is developed to never exceed 194f so as to prevent user error overheating the oil and burning off terpenes.
  • Every FiftyShot has a built-in safety that shuts off all heat if the oil ever reaches 212f (100c).
  • The Annular Heat Barrel is designed with an annular air space enclosing the oil barrel. That air is what is literally heated which prevents the oil from ever coming in direct contact with any heating elements and burning the oil. 

Efficiency: The FiftyShot can fill up to 100 (0.5ml) units in a matter of minutes and change oils in just 60 seconds!

Flexibility: The FiftyShot is portable. Both the power and data cords disconnect from the control unit allowing you to safely pack your FiftyShot in a bag without the risk of bending and breaking the wires. 

Easy Peezy Fill & Squeezy: We developed the FiftyShot to be as user friendly as possible. 

  • PreheatPreheat oil to desired temperature.
  • Fill FiftyShotEither by drawing back the piston or top filling.
  • Set FillerVia easy to read LED screen and dial set your temperature and cart size.
  • Fill CartsAll it takes is a tiny .125" squeeze for you to have filled the unit

Quality: Our engineers had you in mind when designing the FiftyShot. Only high quality parts and materials were chosen to give you years of safe and efficient use. 



  • Capacity: 25ml
  • Step Increments: 0.5ml., 1.0ml., 1.5ml., 2.0ml., 2.5ml.
  • Temp Range: Room Temp - 194f
  • Emergency Shut Off: 212f (resettable)
  • Aluminum, Stainless
  • Luer Lock Tip
Heat Barrel
  • Hardened Aluminum
  • Easy Connect: 1/4 turn finger screw
  • Heater: 35w
  • Silicone Cover
    Control Unit
    • Aluminum
    • All cords detachable
    • Max 150W heater load
    • 110v
    • 2 AMP Fuse
      Power Cord (wall to control unit)
      • Standard detachable power cord (typically 5’ length)
      • Detachable
      • Grounded 3 Prong
        Head Connection Cord (control unit to filler)
        • Extremely flexible 5’ length
        • Detachable at control unit using watertight industrial connector plug
        • Silicone coated fiberglass braid is chemical and heat proof