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The Superglue terpene is a softened mix of Northern Lights and the Afghani terpene profile. It's been described as having happy, uplifting yet creative effects that are both calming and relaxing. It also has a lovely earthy and woodsy aroma you will love!  

EFFECTS: Calm and focused effects. Comparable to that of drinking a nice matcha tea. 

FRAGRANCE: Citrus, Caramel-like notes, Pine

WHAT'S IN THE BOTTLE: True Terpene profiles contain nothing but 100% terpenes! 


Terpenes need to be diluted before use for flavour and effect. 1-5% x total volume (eg. 2 drops per gram).
These terpenes are oil soluble and mix great with coconut oil, plant extracts and more. Strain specific terpenes can be made as a drink. Recommended servings 1-2 teardrops per 300-500ml of purified H2O. Drink normally. They can also be added to food recipes, bath water, cleaning and beauty products - plus more!